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Fire Marks

CSFC Fire Marks Available for Sale

Disclaimer – Fire marks are a piece of the past and they are no longer used by the fire service as they once were. We do not base our service(s) on whether or not you have a fire mark. We offer these for sale only as a souvenir that harkens back to fire service history. 

What is a fire mark?  Fire marks first began in the UK around 1700, and were introduced to America in the latter 1700's during Benjamin Franklin’s time.  Subscribers paid firefighting companies in advance for their services, and were provided a Fire Mark to display on their building. In this way, potentially competing firefighting companies knew, upon responding, who should fight the fire. Competitor fire companies would not fight the fire, even if they were closer.  As the 19th century came to an end and the 20th century began, the use of fire marks waned until they are now no longer in use.

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Cost – $50. Size is approximately 8” x 8”, made of wood.

If interested, please call the main station at (610) 272-4686, stop by on Monday nights from 7-9 PM, or email us at

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