It takes many people to make the Fire Company successful. Listed below are the present officers who collectively run our organization day in and day out:

Fire Officers

Fire Chief: Lee Miller
Deputy Chief: Billy Messerschmidt
Assistant Chief: Tom Kozeniewski
Captain 33: Ted Fonash
Captain 33-1: Joelle Lesniak

and William Delaney
Lieutenant 33: Pat Wilson
Lieutenant 33-1: Tyler Brunner

Lieutenant 33-2: Mike Barnshaw
Safety Officer: Matt Kozeniewski
Chief Engineer: Mike DiDomenico Sr.
Fire Police Captain: Sharon Brunner


Corporate Officers

President: Wayne Coffin
Vice President: Ted Fonash
Treasurer: Tom Kozeniewski
Secretary: Jessica Brunner
Trustee Chairman: Fred Saylor
Trustee: Sam Clemmer
Trustee: Sue Miller
Trustee: Tyler Brunner
Trustee: Zayne Brunner

Office Manager: Sue Miller

Relief Association

President: Ted Fonash
Vice President: Tyler Brunner
Treasurer: Bernie Dwyer
Secretary: Bill Krause
Trustee: Matt Kozeniewski

Trustee: Zayne Brunner
Trustee: Ted Moore
Director: Paul Lusch
Director: Doug Thomas
Director: Joe Bradley