It takes many people to make the Fire Company successful. Listed below are the present officers who collectively run our organization day in and day out.

2013 officers

Fire Officers
Fire Chief: Lee Miller
Deputy Chief: Rick Smith
Assistant Chief: Billy Messerschmidt
Captain 33: Rich Moser
Captain 33-1: Rotating Career Position
Lieutenant 33: Matt O’Brien
Lieutenant 33-1: Tom Kozeniewski
Lieutenant 33-2: Kevin Strizzerie
Safety Officer: Darren Meyers
Chief Engineer: Mike DiDomenico
Fire Police Captain: Lynne Cooley
QRS Captain: Peg Smith
Corporate Officers
President: Rich Moser
Vice President: Matt O’Brien
Treasurer: Tom Kozeniewski
Secretary: Bill Krause
Head Trustee: Fred Saylor
Trustee: Kevin Strizzerie
Trustee: Doug Thomas
Trustee: Pat Wilson
Trustee: Mike Barnshaw



Relief Association
President: Rick Smith
Vice President: Matt Maguire
Treasurer: Bernie Dwyer
Secretary: Bill Krause
Trustee: Pat Wilson
Trustee Kevin Strizziere
Trustee: Mike Barnshaw
Director: Doug Thomas
Director: Paul Lusch
Director: Peg Smith

Chief Lee Miller