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 Join Our Team!


Visit our Recruitment website for more information and to sign up!

Join your neighbors in protecting and serving your community! Prospective members need to be at least 16 years of age. Stop by our main station on any Monday night from 7 PM – 9 PM, on the second Thursday of the month around 6:30PM, or call the main station at

(610) 272-4686.

   The Centre Square Fire Company is always looking for new members. We are a volunteer organization and we have volunteers in several different areas:

Download our membership application


The most obvious position is volunteer firefighter. While potentially dangerous, this can be a very rewarding position. No prior experience is required, although it is always welcomed. We provide training by sending new members to the Montgomery County Fire Academy in Conshohocken. In addition to formal classes and certifications taught there, we also provide in-house training to supplement, refine and refresh our members’ skills.

EMS responders

As part of our Quick Response Service (QRS), we respond to EMS emergencies and assist the ambulance companies as manpower permits. 

Fire Police

For those who do not want to take on the role of firefighter but who do want to help respond to emergencies, there is the possibility of helping out as fire police personnel. These volunteers respond with the firemen and help maintain scene control. They also often respond out to help the police department with traffic control for various non-fire situations.

Corporate members

Even though by our nature we tend to be response-oriented, it takes a lot of effort to run our organization behind the scenes. For those who do not necessarily want to respond to emergencies but who have some business-related skill, we can still use your help. We have positions for corporate personnel like secretary, treasurer, and trustee (overseeing our property and buildings).

If any of these positions interest you, contact us or visit our recruitment website!!

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